Film Festival on Climate Change and Livelihood Resilience

Know Your City’s Environment– For Better Future

A Campaign for the City of Gorakhpur

Location: Gorakhpur City, U.P

Event type: Citizen Awareness Campaign

Organized by: Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group, Radio Mantra, and I next   

A comprehensive citizens awareness programme in association with media (radio mantra, the only FM channel in Gorakhpur and ‘I next’ (print media) is being organized. The objectives of the campaign are:

  • To strengthen the  knowledge of changing climatic conditions of the city among youths,

  • To sensitize the school going children about the changing environment of the city and climate change impacts and their inherent factors and consequences.

  • To disseminate knowledge about deteriorating environmental conditions among citizen from expert’s interviews, road shows and mobile exhibitions.

  • To propose recommendations for city government in view of the changing environment to formulate the Spatial Planning with Water logging, Solid waste, Drainage, and Health problems.